Staff Directory


Administration & Support Services

Cindy Ward-Thompson, Director, 

Iva Bunker, Operatons Director, Ojibwe Elder,

Emily Schwarting, Operations Assistant, Intercession Coordinator 

Elisa Waukazo, Technology Director, 

Elizabeth Sullivan, Social Worker, 

Anastasia Pinney-Valtierra, Dean Of Students,

Liz Cates, Project Director For MIAC Grant,

Bill Kunze, Lunch Assistant, Ojibwe Elder,

Naabek (Adrian) Liberty, Curriculum and Instruction Coach, 

Julie Smith, Nurse (Mondays Only),

Ojibwe Program

Monica Briggs, K-1st grade, 

Julie Kunze, K-1st grade para,

Rob Callahan, K-1st grade para,

Veronica Peterson-Briggs, 2-3rd grade,

Tony Frank, Drum Instructor, 2-3rd grade para,

Kate Stemper, 2-3rd grade para, 

Liz Collins, 4-5th grade,

Caley Pieper, 4-5th grade para,

Korissa Howes, 6-7th grade,

Jei Herald-Zamora, 6-7th grade para ,

Dennis Gilbert, 6-7th grade para , 

Dakota Program

Beth Brown, K-2nd grade,

Carlie Anderson, K-2nd grade, 

Jarydd Boston, 3-5th grade, 

Victoria Morris, 6-7th grade,

Barry Frantum, 6-7th grade,

Dustin Peyton, 6-7th grade para,

General Education

Laura Potter, Literacy Coach,

Grayson Pangbrun, Gym Teacher,

Special Education

Michele Fluhr-Fraser, Special Eduction Teacher, 

Katie Vigness, Special Education Teacher & Para,​ 

Hinhan Loud Hawk, Special Education Para,

Irene Zamora, Special Education Teacher & Student Support,